Losing our religion: The blog conversation

If it hasn’t already, the November edition of the Advocate should arrive at your front door sometime soon. Some of you have already noticed and read the cover story on places of worship in our neighborhood. I know this because the letters already have begun coming in, conveying everything from why we shouldn’t have done the story in the first place to reasons for attendance decline that we didn’t explore.

We welcome your letters, and encourage you to write us with any feedback (send them to editor@advocatemag.com). I may even discuss some of your thoughts on the Back Talk blog over the next couple of weeks. Also on the blog, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces from the interviews that didn’t quite fit into the story. If you’re so inclined, I hope you’ll join the conversation with your comments.

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  • Charles Ingram

    No surprise there are no comments. Hot potato topic. No simple answer, but a lot of things change when children go off to college. But I think a general disenchantment with established churches has been taking place for years. The change is always most obvious in places like this where the heat has been most fervent in the past. Even a slight warming is noticeable and a cooling is glaringly obvious.