Trails in Dallas have different purposes and definitions, depending on their use:

Linear trails
• At least one mile long
• Promote alternative modes of transportation
• Connect parks, greenbelts, schools, businesses, neighborhoods, entertainment districts and transit centers
• Best example: Katy Trail

Loop trails
• Located within a major park
• Provide recreation and exercise opportunities while linking amenities within the park
• Best example: White Rock Lake Trail

Nature trails
• Natural or soft surfaces, instead of concrete paths
• Located within major greenbelts or natural areas
• Provide for environmental education and seclude from city sights and sounds
• Best example: Trinity Forest Trail

Neighborhood trails
• Located within a neighborhood park, either in linear, loop or nature trail form
• Less than one mile in length
• Typically no more than eight feet wide (standard min. for other trails is 12 feet)
• Best example: Martin Weiss Park Trail

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