Link Lounge October 8, 2009

Pumpkins are probably already adorning your front stoop, just waiting to be carved (or carried out to the trash — a rotting mess — come Nov. 15). Hey, this year, instead of rushing outside the afternoon of Oct. 31 with a half-sharp knife and a half-baked design idea, get inspired now with this collection of incredible jack-o-lanterns.


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Do plummeting temperatures have you longing for a fire, a blanket and a good book? Do you love free stuff? If your answer to both these questions is yes, head on over, a site dedicated to the “acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.” That’s a lot of fancy words that translate to non-copyrighted audiobook recordings you don’t have to pay for. The site’s catalog currently contains more than 2,000 titles, including a lot of classics. There is one caveat, however: The books are read by volunteers, so the quality can be a tad patchy.   


Or maybe you’re more of a TV person? If so, you’re psyched — the fall season is now in full swing and, also, there’s this site for the seriously small-screen devoted: Television Without Pity. With forums, previews, blogs and sections such as “Brilliant But Cancelled” and “Mondo Extras,” TWOP is certain to keep you occupied during commercial breaks. Right … like you don’t have DVR. Heh.


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Hey, Saturday is National Cake Decorating Day. Here are some amazing cakes. And here are some that look like they were decorated by someone who drank too much.




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