This is weird: death on the 17th hole

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  • ECE

    I do enjoy your stories, just not this last one…

  • Rachel Stone

    You’re right about the St. Andrew’s comment. My apologies. But the police are the ones who said he was homeless.

  • ECE

    No, this is weird–that it would be acceptable to take an insensitive, inconsiderate glib tone in writing about the deaths of two human beings. Really, a joke about St. Andrews? I suppose the fact that Mr. Lara was unidentified at the time and purportedly “homeless” made it easier to casually joke about his death. How would you feel if this had been a loved one of yours?

  • Judith

    Ricky was NOT HOMELESS! Rachel Stone get your facts straight before posting upsetting blog. Ricardo was a loving, caring, animal lover, made friends everywhere and made ANYONE smile & crack out laughing, with his adventures stories. Since when has found “unidentified” mean homeless?

    -Family of Ricardo.