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  • Paul Bigham

    Gayla, I liked your article about Arcadia Park/Eagle Ford. I grew up there as did fellow KHS-ers Claudia Pyles, Allen Hiller, and I think Barbara Anderson. Walked to Arcadia Park Elementary School from the first grade through the fifth, used to get to run the chalk-eraser cleaner machine so the erasers would work on the blackborads, and first heard Elvis Presley sing Hound Dog from the outdoor speakers at the burger drive-in located at Davis and Morocco, as we ran across busy West Davis all by ourselves after school. Unimaginable to think of a third grader and a first grader (my brother) walking alone over a mile to and from school today. It was a poor area in 1844, poor in 1954, and maybe still poor today, though rich in history for each generation. Never heard it called Eagle Ford, though I think I bought a car there once.