Mary Suhm’s almost 10 percent raise

Dear boss:

I know I haven’t had a very good last year or so — not much writing on the blog, out of town a lot so I couldn’t keep up with what was going on around here, and the like. But I would like a raise, and I think I’ve found a way for you to give me one.

The City Council voted yesterday to give city manager Mary Suhm a nearly 10 percent pay hike. In fact, the vote was nearly unanimous. So, despite the city’s financial woes over the past five years — which took place while Suhm was in charge — the council figured she should be rewarded for letting the streets go to pot holes, laying off hundreds of employees, and spending money that we didn’t have.

Given those standards, I deserve at least a five percent raise, don’t I?

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  • Yockanookany

    unfortunately very true for city and county government, employees go for years without raises, plus start with at least 10% below market salaries, while the elected officials give themselves raises, sometimes secretly. I thought the boss was always supposed to be an example to others, sad. 

  • Rhonda

    Sad and unecessary…