The Garden Lady: How to trellis tomatoes

With tomato plants taking off, lots of folks are asking me about bamboo trellising for the plants.  This is what I do for mine, and it works fine. Below I’ve outlined some steps with illustrations of the finished product. Remember to pinch the suckers!

One tomato trellis: Create a tepee structure using three bamboo poles.

Place the poles in the ground, centered above the tomato plant and secure the top with twine.

Cut a piece of twine 1 foot longer than the length measuring from the top of the tepee to the ground.

Tie the twine at the top of the tepee and take it to the ground while loosely wrapping around the stem of the tomato plant.  Some twine will be left over.

As the plant grows, wrap it around the twine.


Multiple Tomato Trellis: Create a structure using seven bamboo poles.

Create two tepee structures, three poles each, on each end of your tomato plant row.

Place a bamboo pole on top of the two teepees, directly over the tomato plant row, and secure each end with twine.

Tie twine on the vertical bamboo, directly above each plant, one foot longer than the length of the vertical bamboo pole to the ground.

Loosely wrap the twine around the stem of the tomato plant.

As the plant grows, wrap it around the twine.

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  • The Garden Lady

    Yes, you are controlling the main stem. The other leaves, if they are suckers are pinched off.  Suckers form between the main stem and a leaf stem.  It is the tomato plant trying to grow another tomato plant.  You will get a bigger/better crop by pinching these suckers off. 

  • Eupdateshere

    With the multiple trellis what do u do with all the other leaves… Because it looks like the main stem is what’s beingcontrolled