Neighborhood toll tag violators: Your personal zip code guide

Granted, you have to be a little bored or overly curious about neighbors’ foibles to spend any time today clicking on these links, but in the interest of public service — and as someone who does pay his Tollway tolls, as far as I know — check this out.

The NTTA has posted a list of the most egregious Tolltag violators — you know, the people whom the law doesn’t apply to because they just figure they won’t be caught — on its website, and it’s easy to look up a zip code breakdown of how many violators are your neighbors (be forewarned — by clicking on the link, you’ll be loading a pdf, and it will take a half-minute or so).

For example, 107 of the worst violators live in 75208, 241 live in 75211 and 121 live in 75224.

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What, you say? You want to see their names?

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Here’s a link to a pdf that lists the top violators by last name.

Have fun being the first to narc out friends, relatives and neighbors. I did check, and my wife and son aren’t on it. Unfortunately, since it’s a static document, I didn’t see a way to “search” for specific names — you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way, scrolling up and down the pdf without the ability to sort or search, other than the presorted “alphabetical by last name” presented there.

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