Advocate magazine seeking neighborhood makers

Lisa Lindholm and her T-shirt line were featured in a 2009 Advocate guide to neighborhood-made gifts.

I promise myself every year that not only am I going to NOT wait until the last possible second to make my holiday purchases, but I also am going to buy gifts that are totally unique and thoughtful.

Good news for all with similar intentions: Here at the Advocate we are planning a holiday issue that will include a guide to beautiful, unique and thoughtful neighborhood-manufactured gifts.

What we need right now? Suggestions! If you or someone you know is a crafter, artist, baker, jewelry or soap or dog-toy maker, for example, the Advocate wants to hear from you. You and your wares could be featured in our sure-to-be slick, gorgeous and riveting December 2012 issue.

Please send an email to and let us know what zip code you live in, what you make, and include photos or a link to a website where we can have a peek. Don’t forget to include a phone number at which we can reach you or the person you are recommending. We will consider entries received through Monday, Oct. 22.

Note: if you were featured in the 2009 story about neighborhood crafters, we are likely going to give someone else a chance! 

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