Got Big Tex jokes? Try these

Oak Cliff-based artist Clay Stinnett already has updated some of his Big Tex paintings to mark the Dallas icon’s fiery death.

When Big Tex burst into flames this morning, at first, I was sad. But then, no one was hurt. And Big Tex was not a real person, so then I was happy because, Jokes! Open season.

Push away your sorrows about the death of Big Tex with humor. These are some of the best jokes we’ve heard or seen today.

*Welcome to the State Flare of Texas.
*Big Tex wants to meet us at Char Bar for lunch.
*They should do Burning Man in Dallas every year.
*I blame Oklahoma.
*Sorry to hear Big Tex self immolated after that loss to OU.
*Like me, Big Tex was undone by faulty wiring in his mouth.
*I guess they really will deep fry anything at the Texas State Fair.

*After reminiscing about all of my memories of Big Tex, I think my favorite one is when he caught on fire and burned to the ground.

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What else y’all got, folks?

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  • That would be a great newspaper headline!

  • OCGeezer

    If you’d spent 60 years at the same job, you’d be burned up, too.

  • Lolotehe

    What, no “Wicker Man” jokes?

    Sumer is icumen in,

    Lhude sing cuccu!

    Groweþ sed and bloweþ med

  • lakewoodhobo