Dallasite who survived infamous Carnival cruise shares story

cruiseWhy were passengers stuck on the power-and-waterless Carnival Cruise ship so long? What was it really like spending five days on a “floating port-a-let”?

Local real estate attorney Mike Patterson was onboard the infamous Triumph voyage with his wife.

Yesterday, he talked to drive-time radio hosts (Corby Davidson, of Lake Highlands, Danny Balis, of East Dallas, and Mike Rhyner, longtime Oak Cliff dweller) about his experience aboard what the KTCK guys last week dubbed “the Doo Doo Cruise,” a vacation that included several days on the ocean without water or electricity, 4,000-plus people without access to toilets, sleeping on the — ahem — poop deck (I’m sorry), and, surreally, crew members attempting in vain to pretend that everything is normal.

Listen to podcast: here.

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