Zola’s fills the Soda Gallery void with 60-plus ‘vintage’ sodas

photoThe Soda Gallery satisfied the sweet tooth, offering hundreds of bottles of fizzy pop in the Bishop Arts District until it closed in the spring of 2012.

Since then, shoppers searching for a bottle of Cheerwine or Japanese marble soda have popped into Bishop Arts boutiques asking, “Where is that place that sells different kinds of soda?”

“We saw a market and went for it,” says Mike Ricketts of Zola’s Everyday Vintage.

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A few months ago, the vintage clothing boutique started carrying a few varieties of hard-to-find soft drinks. Now the store sells about 60 kinds of soda in bottles, including Bubble Up, orange and strawberry Crush, Big Red, Dad’s, Boylan, Dublin, Ale 8 and Fitz’s.

The store is working to acquire a few other brands, and they’d like to have about 85 all together.

“We’re not doing the Japanese sodas,” as the Soda Gallery did, Zola’s owner Annette photo1Norman says. “We’re just doing the vintage ones because we’re a vintage store.”

A lot of customers ask for orange and grape Nehi, but it’s hard to find in bottles, Norman says. Each bottle costs about $3, and they’re available in four and six packs.

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  • ericthegardener

    Plus, soda is not the only thing that Zola’s sells, so they won’t be dependent on it for all their profits.

  • Rachel Stone

    I don’t know why the Soda Gallery closed, but they were in business there for a few years, so it seems they must’ve been profitable at some point.

  • twinwillow

    What is it that makes you believe Zola’s will succeed where the Soda Gallery failed?