CVS to replace buildings, homes on South Beckley

stone warehouse on beckley
Photo courtesy of Alicia Quintans

A planned CVS Pharmacy would replace several commercial buildings and about five houses on Beckley at Illinois.

beckley furniture store
Photo courtesy of Alicia Quintans

The company is asking the City of Dallas to combine several lots into one plat for a new store. The buildings there now include a 1940s stone warehouse, an Old West-style commercial building, a donut shop and the five homes on Seevers Avenue.

The homes aren’t architecturally significant, says Alicia Quintans, an architect and preservationist who lives in Beckley Club Estates. But the store would destroy the neighborhood atmosphere on Seevers, where unmolested homes would front a CVS parking lot, she says.

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More important, replatting the block would set a standard for big-box developers along Beckley, she says. It’s a case of a retail corporation encroaching on the neighborhood.

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donut shop on beckley
Photo courtesy of Alicia Quintans

“They’re letting this creep into this neighborhood that’s already established,” she says.

The City Plan Commission is expected to consider CVS’s request in its meeting Thursday. Quintans says she plans to attend the meeting and speak against the replat, arguing that it would encroach on the neighborhood and set a dangerous standard for big-box development.

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  • Smokey

    Tina unfortunately a replat to combine several lots as one is a tough one to stop if the zoning is appropriate. If one property that’s contiguous to all the properties within the replat is zoned for that use, then it’s near impossible to stop. Baring one of the properties being of historic importance it will most likely happen. Before I35 Beckley was one of the most traveled streets south of downtown. At that time Beckley over layed 77 south that took you all the way to the coast. Waco, Austin, and on….

  • OCTina

    Hope it’s not too late to save these buildings. There is already a CVS at Hampton/ Illinois where Austin’s BBQ used to be.

  • Rachel Stone


  • Smokey

    I remember this area, the rock face buildings were tin, faced with masonry. The frame and siding building as I recall, was a small grocery store with it’s operator living to one side. My guess would be the wood building is close to 100 yrs old. It was old when I was a kid. The porch was most likely planked when new and was ‘wagon high’ for off loading. It is the more significant of the three. The round top building may have been a war surplus quonset.