Mexican restaurant coming to Willomet at Davis


Victoria’s Tex-Mex on Willomet at Davis closed more than a year ago, and a new restaurant is finally taking its place.

Antojitos Tacontento, owned by husband-and-wife partners Maria and Humberto Martinez, is expected to open in about two weeks. The Martinezes are moving their existing restaurant in Garland to this location.

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Antojitos translates roughly to “snacks” or “cravings,” and “tacontento” is a play on words, a mashup of “taco” and “content,” so “happy taco.”

The old Victoria's on Willomet is now Antojitos Tacontento
The old Victoria’s on Willomet is now Antojitos Tacontento

The menu includes the expected Tex-Mex fare, plus some dishes that are a little unusual. Those include pambazo, pictured above, which is a sandwich made of bread coated in guajillo pepper sauce and stuffed with chorizo with potatoes, lettuce, cheese and salsa verde. The antojitos menu also includes huaraches, sopes and tortas.

Humberto Martinez worked for five years at Margarita Ranch in Irving, and he says the restaurant will employ some of the kitchen staff from that now-closed restaurant.

“I’m trying to get the whole staff back together,” he says.

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