Griggs named on Preston Hollow councilman’s ‘Hater’ list

Councilman Kee Kleinman's "Hater" list on Twitter.
Councilman Kee Kleinman’s “Hater” list on Twitter.
Councilman Lee Kleinman

One could consider it as some sort of political slam-book, because the whole thing seems very high school. It was brought to my attention by East Dallas Advocate columnist Angela Hunt that Preston Hollow Councilman Lee Kleinman has started a public “Haters” group on his Twitter page. Read her thoughts about the list and being named on it here.

Among his targets are fellow councilmen Philip Kingston (East Dallas) and Scott Griggs (Oak Cliff), who have often been at odds with Kleinman. That boiled over recently in a recent dispute in which Griggs claims, and evidence seems to support, that Kleinman attempted to withhold documents related to the Trinity River toll road, as reported by the Dallas Observer this week.

Kleinman’s “Haters” list also includes the Dallas Observer and its most popular columnist, Jim Schutze; omnipresent and mysterious city critic Wylie H. Dallas; and Hunt, a former city councilwoman herself, along with her husband, Parks Board representative Paul Sims. See all 14 members above — it’s growing, up from 11 earlier this week, with the addition of groups like Downwinders at Risk, a “grassroots clean air group committed to protecting breathers in the North Texas airshed,” according to its Twitter.

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Since council is in session today, I couldn’t speak to Kleinman directly but he emailed me the following statement [sic]:

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“In Twitter, lists are used to filter tweets so the user can read comments from a group of other twitter users.  I have a list for Council Members, a list for Trinity River Project related users and I subscribe to a list of news media.  I created a list of users who I believe hate me or the things I support and stand for.   I guess I could have named the list “Users that aggressively spew vitriolic comments about me and about the good work done by the City”.   “Haters” was just easier.”

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  • Deborah Beltran

    Let me guess….. he must be a retuglican!

  • Lolotehe

    That’s something to aspire to.

  • lakewoodhobo

    So sensitive.

  • Scotts Merkin

    Those ‘haters’ are the only thing attempting to keep him and his people honest

  • OCTina

    Ha! He pretty much hates everything I love. Glad I don’t live in his district!

  • Frank Pena

    Grow up.

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  • Jack Blacker

    He’s just an idiot!