7-Eleven store planned for West Commerce

Plans for a 7-Eleven store on West Commerce go to the City Plan Commission Thursday.

The developers want to create a new subdistrict for the 35,000-square-foot property, between May and Sulphur streets, in order to exclude it from many of the district’s requirements for walkability and urban form.

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The planned development district, created in 2005, envisioned West Commerce and Fort Worth Avenue as a dense, pedestrian friendly neighborhood. The kind of development pictured when it was written is happening now: Hundreds of high-end apartments have been built, and many more are under construction or planned.

The 7-Eleven developers are requesting to exclusion from these requirements for new construction on West Commerce:

Facades and entries must face the public right of way,
parking lots must be at the rear of buildings,
parking lots and off-street loading spaces must be screened by fences,
parallel parking in the roadway
and standards for wide sidewalks.

A group of neighbors is opposing the request, which they say obviously violates the development intentions for the neighborhood and would create a void in walkability on West Commerce.

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  • grannybunny

    This is a stupid debate. A 7-11 at that location will benefit more than it detracts.

  • Tony Hammontree

    Definitely, so much city money is being invested in that area that is geared towards walk ability. They are reconnecting the street grid, converting the commerce Beckley bridge to a pedestrian trail, not to mention the pedestrian bridges, tif money and also rezoning cost a lot of money and time. If they passed this they would know that other developers would see this as a loss to them and would potentially to lose out on intentional investors.

    I believed they even denied a car wash that was requesting a re-zone near Beckley and Oregon.

    A gas station is out of context to the surrounding PD, I just don’t see them going against staff recommendation. Plus they would see it as a benefit to the city to deny it; mixed use = higher appraised value = more tax money to the city.

  • downtownworker

    So 7-Eleven is “friendlier” than the existing gas stations? I don’t get why you think your needs (or mine since I live in Oak Cliff too) are more important than the needs of people who actually live in West Dallas, assuming they are the ones who established that PD.

  • KeepOurFreedoms

    One is really needed on Ft Worth Ave going to town.

  • KeepOurFreedoms

    Valero might count, but not CVS.

  • downtownworker

    True, but it wouldn’t be the first time that CPC voted against Staff recommendation.

  • downtownworker

    There’s already a Valero and a Gloco in this area, so why is another gas station needed? This PD was designed to sunset car-oriented businesses. 7-Eleven can go somewhere else.

  • Tony Hammontree

    Parking in the back of a 7/11 is a good point and funny to think about.

    There is a valero on Commerce and Sylvan and that new CVS on Singleton and Sylvan.

  • KeepOurFreedoms

    More junk for the citizens of Oak Cliff. That area maybe friendly for some, but not for others. I have driven down Ft Worth Ave and more streets in the area to get downtown. Apparently the people now living in that are more important than the rest of Oak Cliff. Who wants to park in the back of 7/11? No one. Parking needs to be in front for every one, and for safety. There are no other convenience stores in the area. Give Oak Cliff a break.

  • Tony Hammontree

    You failed to mention that the city staff recommends to deny this request. We need to be praising the city for trying to make good decisions. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8475e95b0aaf3688f993c2f42e8897a173bf2f37249987ca7de1f556439a2eaf.jpg is to deny this effort.