No, Jefferson Boulevard and Davis Street are not named for the confederacy

The 1936 bronzes of Robert E. Lee and his guide at Lee Park in Dallas. Photo by Scott Dorn

A few things in Oak Cliff bear the names of Confederates.

One is Kidd Springs Park. The park is named for James W. Kidd, a colonel in the Confederate army who in 1870 purchased 200 acres surrounding what is now Kidd Springs Park.

Another is Reagan Elementary School. It’s named for John H. Reagan, who served as postmaster general under Confederate president Jefferson Davis. After the war, Reagan was imprisoned in Boston, and he renounced the Confederate states. Reagan, who had stepped down from the United States Senate before Texas seceded, wrote an open letter to Texans from prison calling for an end to slavery and allowing freed slaves to vote.

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Two things not named for a Confederate are our neighborhood’s parallel drags: Jefferson Boulevard and Davis Street.

According to “The WPA Dallas Guide and History,” which is available online through the University of North Texas Digital Library, Jefferson is named for U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, and Davis is named for an Oak Cliff landowner and developer, A.E. Davis.

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  • Spearchucker Jones

    You’re just another Libtard scumbag trying to juice everyone up with feigned outrage. Go jump down a well and spare us.

  • Jane Bryant

    Just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t mean they are disrespecting you, you understand that right?

  • Austen Brown

    I have to leave the place I was born? No. I think we’ll make some changes around here.
    Respecting people will be the beginning, I think.

  • Austen Brown

    Seriously? We have to take the time to think about how other people might feel?
    That is so unfair! We never used have to!
    Why is there so much oppression against white people?

  • Spearchucker Jones

    You’re just another Libtard scumbag trying to juice everyone up with feigned outrage. Go jump down a well and spare us.

  • downtownworker

    Jefferson used to extend downtown before the downtown section was renamed Record St. That’s where it intersected with Jackson St (after Andrew Jackson).

  • Tony Hammontree

    But Thomas Jefferson owned slaves…

  • Larry New

    If you don’t like the way things are done in Dallas or in Texas,there are many freeways that can help you leave.Traffic flows in both directions.

  • grannybunny

    Don’t forget Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary School, my alma mater.

  • Jane Bryant

    “The optics of being named for Jeff Davis”? Seriously? So, I guess we should all live our lives worried about the “optics” of things rather than the reality? What a sad, shallow, ignorant, reactionary and uneducated way to live your life.

  • Austen Brown

    Yeah, they might not have been ostensibly named for Jefferson Davis, but having them run parallel as the main east west thoroughfares in oak cliff certainly gives them the optics of being named for Jeff Davis.

    Seems like the optics are the problems with all of the commemorations. And as such, this is just another thing that needs changing.

  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    It is a wonderful resource, however, some of the descriptions in the list may not be complete. For example, Harwood and Lemmon are both listed on city documents having Confederate ties. There is no reference to that in other online documentation.