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Led by local apiculturists, Advocate photographer Danny Fulgencio looks at the lives of bees around Oak Cliff, their dwindling population and how it all impacts our lives. Brandon and Susan


July 5-6 ‘A Band Called Death’ “Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death.” This documentary focuses on three brothers from Detroit

Oak Cliff sunsets are usually awesome and no two are alike. This one was captured at Twelve Hills Nature Center last month. As Walt Whitman wrote: “A hundred years hence,

Liz Goulding moved to the Lake Cliff Park neighborhood about a year ago, but she’s been a presence in Oak Cliff for longer, as manager of Urban Acres. Goulding, who


Chicken Scratch made headlines this spring for a billboard on Interstate 30 poking fun at its location with the deadpan tagline, “Between some trailers and a condemned motel.” The real


Availability makes even the crankiest wine writer cringe. That’s because the laws that govern how wine is sold, called the three-tier system, vary from state to state, and sometimes even

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The list of Cliffites in Hollywood continues. Sunset 1968 graduate Edward Edwards also attended Greiner Junior High. At Sunset, he was — not surprisingly — drama club president and a

I’m going to tell you a secret, but you need to promise you won’t tell my wife and sons: I ate something in my car. OK, I wasn’t actually “eating,”

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The Oak Cliff Bombers won the men’s D league at Kiest Park in May. Back row, left to right: Jason G., Stephen, Ruben A., Mike G., Ray M., Robert G.,