Advocate slideshow: Ciclovía on the Houston Street Viaduct

About 1,000 people came out to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Houston Street Viaduct this past Saturday. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff organized the block party that included bike polo, yoga, a dog park, food trucks and more on the closed bridge.

Here are some pictures:

Here is a recap with lots of pictures from Suburban Assault.

And here are the DMN’s photos, from photographer Ben Torres.

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  1. Planner April 19, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    I agree with closing two car lanes and keeping two lanes open for bikes and pedestrians permantly.  I agree even more with closing all of the Houston Street Viaduct to car traffic and making the Zang Street Bridge two way permantly.  It’s an old idea that has been shot down many times by land speculators who own property in the area.

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