The parent company of Albertson’s offered $7.6 billion to buy 1,300 Tom Thumb stores, including 106 in Texas and the one on Hampton Road. There’s speculation that could start a grocery price war. Sherri Hughes of Oak Cliff writes that big grocers need to be looking at our neighborhood.

Dallas doesn’t have $1.5 billion to build a toll road along the east levee of the Trinity River. But it still wants one.

More than 160 Frito-Lay workers will lose their jobs after the company closed its warehouse on Duncanville Road and ended production at an Oak Cliff plant.

The Taco Trail show us all of Oak Cliff’s best taqueria art.

Check out this interview with New York native Lee Huntzinger of Zoli’s, who has been making pizza more than twice as long as he did not make pizza.