Seven vintage images of Wynnewood Village

Wynnewood Village shopping center was built in 1950 as part of Angus Wynne Jr.’s planned residential community.

The Wynne family had held the property for decades before building a residential neighborhood for middle class families settling down after World War II. It was one of the first planned communities, where mid-priced homes were built inexpensively.

In its heyday, Wynnewood Village shopping center had everything — a movie theater, pharmacy, jeweler, shoe stores, a department store, toy stores and more.

City planners are working on two plans to shape redevelopment of the shopping center. To throw it back, here are seven vintage images of Wynnewood Village shopping center.


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  • So who are the current owners of Wynnewood Village and are they even aware of these plans to redevelop their shopping center? I see the owner listed as Bellaire Capital out of Houston and I also notice that Kroger does not own their store here like some of their other locations (which might explain why they refuse to update or clean up their nasty store).

    Seems like Advocate should get on the phone with the owners and find out if they’re even interested in selling so we can have the Wynnewood Village our neighborhood deserves.

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