Culinary arts students at Molina High School turned some wire hangers and tinsel garlands into Christmas trees as part of a class project last week.

This is the fourth year in a row that teacher Deloris Randle has offered the project as part of her “principles of hospitality” class, the introductory course in the school’s culinary program.

The trees were to be used as table toppers for a PTA luncheon Monday, and Randle’s classes are donating them today to residents of the Villa at Mountain View nursing home near the school.

In Randle’s class, students learn all about the food-service industry, including food safety and customer service as well as entrepreneurial concepts.

Students brought wire hangers from home, and the supplies were donated. The project teaches students to think creatively and recycle to make these trees, which could be used as table toppers for a catering job or sold to restaurants or party planners, Randle says.

“You don’t always have to buy something new,” she says. “You can make do with what you have.”