At least when drivers are yelling profanities and insults, you know they see you.

With a scarcity of bike lanes, Dallas cyclists have to ride in traffic to get anywhere. It’s still a jungle to ride a bike the half a mile from Winnetka Heights to Bishop Arts. Dallas is far from bike friendly.

But the city is spending some money from the recently approved $1.05-billion bond package to build new bike lanes in and around our neighborhood, creating slightly better connectivity for cyclists.

Here are some of the bike-lane projects that were approved in the recent bond election.

Davis Street from Clinton Avenue to Cockrell Hill Road: $4 million from city bond funds and $3.2 million from Dallas County.
There’s already about $2 million available to improve the sidewalks along West Davis, but this plan would rework the street and add nearly 3 miles of bike lanes.

Riverfront Boulevard between the Union Pacific railroad tracks and Cadiz Street: $4.6 million from bond funds.
Dallas last year added bike lanes between Corinth and Cadiz, so this would extend that path to near the Dallas County Jail. It also provides a pathway for bicycle traffic coming off the new Interstate 30 bridge.

Canada Drive from Hampton Road to Westmoreland Road: $7.6 million from city bond funds.
This is a complete-streets project that will turn West Dallas’ pot-holey Canada Drive into a smooth four-lane roadway with sidewalks and bike lanes. City Council is expected to approve the project proposal this week. It could create a better connection between West Dallas neighborhoods and the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

Ewing Avenue from Interstate 35 to Clarendon: $6 million from city bond funds.
This would expand Ewing into a four-lane roadway with a median, sidewalks and bike lanes, creating a walkable/bikeable avenue near the Dallas Zoo.