Oak Cliffers robbed at gunpoint want juveniles tried as adults, increased security

A couple whose robbery at gunpoint was captured on surveillance video this week are asking for tough prosecution and increased patrols near their home.

Garrett and Caroline Scharton were among the victims of six teenagers, ages 13-16, who robbed them and two other people at gunpoint after midnight Monday before being arrested in Mesquite.

Caroline Scharton wrote on Facebook that a Dallas Police detective told her that the kids probably wouldn’t be tried as adults.

“Unfortunately today we were made aware that our own city does not support us the way our community and neighbors do,” she wrote. “It is highly unlikely that these criminals will receive anything more than probation (if that).”

Chief prosecutor Rhonda Hunter of the Dallas County District Attorney’s office told KDFW: “We see an escalation in the seriousness of crimes that children are involved in, and this is a very serious issue that we have to work on. Not just the DA’s office but the entire system in our society in terms of what we are providing in order to prevent children from committing crimes.”

WFAA reported that the DA’s office later told the Schartons that prosecutors would seek to try the minors as adults. The prosecutor’s office declined to confirm that.

“The gun doesn’t have an age,” Garrett Scharton told WFAA. “The bullets don’t have an age. The crime is an adult crime, and the trauma and terror are real.”

The couple now wants their community of new homes that sell for around $600,000 to add a gated entry.

“We are going to get a gate, or we are going to move,” Garrett Scharton told KTVT. “This isn’t the city we want. “This isn’t the city that we signed up for.”

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