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Citizen cameras catch animal cruelty suspects in action

Police believe they caught the guy in these surveillance photos, captured on Dowdy Ferry Road, who tortured and beat puppies to death recently.

But the reason police have these images is because of activists who placed cameras in the remote area of southeast Dallas where countless dogs have been killed and dumped over the years.

The Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission monitors cameras that are placed in the area. Lifelong Oak Cliff resident Jeremy Boss is one of the founders of that group.

“Without these cameras, we would have come out here and do what we did the other 780 times in the last six years,” Boss told KDFW. “We would have found two dogs hit over the head and no leads.”

Boss, who ran for District 1 Dallas City Council in 2019, also made a Dallas Animal Services accountability page and made a documentary called Dogs of Dowdy Ferry.

Watch the TV news story about this case below.

Rachel Stone

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