Oak Cliff History

Neighborhood news and notes

Damarcus Offord, a 20-year-old 2011 graduate of Lincoln High School, is running for the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees District 9 seat, which represents part of Oak Cliff. Bernadette Nutall currently holds the seat and plans to run for re-election.

To protect and preserve Winnetka Heights

The reason the stately homes in this historic district are still standing is the blood, sweat and tears of these and many other urban pioneers.

Dreaming of Oak Cliff Christmas lights

Back when the Oak Cliff Bank Tower began beaming the building’s iconic, red- and green-lit NOEL, Cliffites knew the Christmas season had arrived.

Q&A: Sports announcer Bill Melton

The OC native and former county treasurer has served as sports announcer for the Cowboys, UT football games, the Rangers and even the Olympics.

Mini golf memories at Wee St. Andrew

A modern course — one of the then new-fangled Putt-Putt variety — might have been classier, but we all loved the aging old entertainment destination.