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Scene and Heard in Oak Cliff

Davis Street Mercantile, a new furniture store and design studio, opened in March.

The Oak Cliff Summer Camp Guide

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean students should stop learning, and you don’t have send your kid to a camp far away.

The Airstream of his dreams

Kings Highway resident Kyle Finley likens the world of Airstream RV enthusiasts to a cult.

We take our sons’ sports not-too-seriously

In youth sports, there’s the extremely occasional blaze of glory and the rare inspirational, heart-stopping finish. But what I remember most often are the many minutes of my life ticking slowly away in the most surly of weather, with a beat-down on the field occurring at precisely the same moment rain or wind or sun (or all three) beat down on those of us in the stands.

Advocate Giveaway: Mavs tickets

This Saturday, March 17, the Dallas Mavericks take on the San Antonio Spurs at American Airlines Center. The game starts at 8…