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How much of a mark do we need to make to be judged as successful?

In a way, Steve Jobs’ life has become a kind of ideal, a measuring stick for the rest of us slogging along life’s pothole-filled highway. How much of a positive impact do we need to have on others so that we are judged to have “made our mark” and lived a worthwhile life?

Mini golf memories at Wee St. Andrew

A modern course — one of the then new-fangled Putt-Putt variety — might have been classier, but we all loved the aging old entertainment destination.

I’m a sucker for a Fair sales pitch

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I once burst into tears because I couldn’t afford a kitchen blender a salesman told me I needed at the Minnesota State Fair.

As Cliffites remember him, Harry Barton had rhythm

In fall 1938, Harry Barton traveled from his home state of Iowa to secure his position as the new band director of Boude Storey Junior High School. He knew no one in Oak Cliff, but one of the young majorettes at Storey, Bettye McGee, quickly determined that the handsome young man with the wavy hair would be perfect for her older sister, Eloise.

Oak Cliff’s street names

What is the rationale of naming city streets? I decided to do a little research and, in the process, came up with some interesting finds.

The beauty of a road trip

It was at about the 3,000-mile point of our 4,100-mile driving journey that our 17-year-old son saw the beat-up little sign: “Hopalong Cassidy Museum” with an arrow pointing straight ahead.

True crime: Oak Cliff’s NOCCUP

It’s a a proactive approach to complement traditional policing to help remove criminals from neighborhoods before they commit more crimes.

True Crime: A shot rang out

As the family was about to pile in and drive off, Savannah Carrillo noticed a one-centimeter dent in the right rear passenger door.