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Ethics study not encouraging

A few months ago, I wrote a column about ethics, or what I perceived to be lack thereof, in the grocery store checkout line.

Texas wines

Texas wines

Sales increased 6 percent in 2010, with consumers buying almost 240,000 cases of Texas wine from grocery and liquor stores, according to the Nielsen survey company.

Lessons can be learned from a life lived quietly

My grandmother died a few days ago. She was almost 99 years old, and other than noticeably shrinking in height, even at the end she looked and acted about the same as she had throughout her life.

Football great Jerry Rhome

He hit the ground running in Oak Cliff and hasn’t ever stopped, leaving a trail of awards and accolades in his wake.

A look back at Austin’s Barbecue

During the 1950s through early 2000s, Austin’s reigned as the destination of choice for thousands of Oak Cliff diners.

Is it time to demand more civility in our daily lives?

It would be nice to solely blame our politicians for this behavior, but when you look around, there are still plenty of regular folk who show, by their actions, that their time and their opinions are more valuable and important than anyone else’s.