Opening Remarks

He Had it Coming

Is that a good enough reason to break the law?

Blinker Ethics

During the holidays, it’s every man for himself. There must be hundreds of thousands of parking spaces in Dallas.

Lucky Us

Whether we deserve it or not   The thing about Thanksgiving is that most of us have so much to…

All’s Fair

Tradition is the gravity that pulls us to the State Fair If you’ve ever attended the State Fair of Texas,…

Stuck in a rut

And that’s the way I like it My wife was silhouetted in the doorway, late afternoon sunlight streaming from behind,…

Whose fault is it?

Because it’s certainly not mine If you read this column and don’t like it, which one of us is at…

The happy people

Finding “happy people” is more challenging as we venture further and further from high school.

We take our sons’ sports not-too-seriously

In youth sports, there’s the extremely occasional blaze of glory and the rare inspirational, heart-stopping finish. But what I remember most often are the many minutes of my life ticking slowly away in the most surly of weather, with a beat-down on the field occurring at precisely the same moment rain or wind or sun (or all three) beat down on those of us in the stands.