Opening Remarks

Is it time to demand more civility in our daily lives?

It would be nice to solely blame our politicians for this behavior, but when you look around, there are still plenty of regular folk who show, by their actions, that their time and their opinions are more valuable and important than anyone else’s.

Holiday traditions stink

What legitimate delicacy is soaked in lye, gives off a stench reminiscent of rancid meat, jiggles on the plate in the manner of a glob of greasy gelatin, and tastes like something I would never eat except under threat of death?

Parallels between emptying the trash and voting

Like hauling out the garbage, we generally choose to let someone else do the work. And many of us seem to think we’re getting away with something when we’re too busy to spend a few minutes doing what needs to be done.

Rudyard Kipling poem is a timeless treasure

We’ve just spent the past few days cleaning a portion of our house that has accumulated stuff for the past 19 years. Among old clothes and our kids’ elementary school papers, I found a long-forgotten, weathered copy of a poem someone exposed me to when I was a 7th grader.