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Oak Cliff: We need your input on news consumption and local media coverage

Oak Cliff residents, you can have a say in how the Advocate and other local media cover our neighborhood! Make…

4 months ago

Larry Johnson’s original ‘Grandmama’ commercial shot at Greiner Middle School

Larry Johnson, the No. 1 NBA draft pick at the time, filmed the original "Grandmama" Converse commercial at Greiner in…

4 months ago

‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay on ‘Extra’ and ‘Ghosted’

Former star of The Bachelorette now on Extra and Ghosted.

8 months ago

Q&A: Byron Hardy on season two of ‘#Washed’

Put this on your watchlist: A Dallas-based TV show with an all-black cast.

8 months ago

Stevie Ray Vaughan photos pop up in photojournalist’s collection

The late blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan gives epic bass face in photos recently released photos from the collection of…

9 months ago

Watch: Oak Cliff neighbor Brittany White talks mass incarceration on MSNBC

 Meet Brittany White. You'll be seeing more of her in the July issue of the Oak Cliff Advocate as one…

11 months ago

9 minutes in Oak Cliff with PBS and Samantha Brown

"Samantha Brown's Places to Love" recently aired its episode about Dallas, and you can watch the whole thing online.

1 year ago

Watch our neighbor’s ‘Haunted’ story on Netflix, then take his ghost tour

Oak Cliff native Oscar Mendoza appears in season two of "Haunted" on Netflix. Mendoza tells the story of how he…

2 years ago

NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ opens its morgue. Here are the Oak Cliff stories we found inside.

If you don't love Terry Gross, I can't help you, son. Her NPR show, "Fresh Air," has interviewed thousands of…

2 years ago

‘Dr. Death,’ the next binge-worthy podcast, has scenes in Oak Cliff

A disturbing new podcast from the media company behind "Dirty John" has all the grit to be the next big…

3 years ago

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