‘Beer store coming soon’

This is not surprising. The retail space at the southwest corner of West Davis and Polk is going to be a “beer store.” It looks like there’s still quite a bit of construction left to go inside.

This is the building that used to be painted blue, and the sign used to announce antiques and tobacco, which I always found amusing. Once the antiques and tobacco place closed, and the wet/dry referendum passed, we guessed this might be a convenient place for a “beer store.” By the way, does anyone call it a “beer store” outside of Texas? Is that a Southern thing?

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  • Yockanookanyh

    I think we will all live to regret the “wet” vote and this will probably be one of many reasons to come

  • ZK

    Any chance it’ll be a craft beer store? We’ve got Eno’s and the Moth real close, but no decent store selections.

  • Whether who likes it? Me? I’m fine with it.

  • Observer

    Change is coming whether you like it or not.