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Oak Cliff neighbors started talking about streetcars almost four years ago. And they didn’t just talk; they created a plan, did a cost analysis, and applied for grants. Now City

Last year, Oak Cliff couple Jamey Boozer and Steven Hammond created a Christmas lights show in the front yard of their Elmwood home, and it was spectacular. Dubbed “Christmas in

After Bryan Ketelhut and Tom Moran moved to Dallas from the suburbs of Detroit, they lived in a hotel room for about a month. But the employees of their Little

Q: Our neighborhood association would like to have sign toppers installed on our street poles as a way to show neighborhood pride. How do we do this? A: Sign toppers

Maybe it’s the chill in the air, the splashes of crimson in the trees, or the sound of a familiar melody you haven’t heard since, oh, about a year ago.


When Tillman's Corner became the more upscale and artistic Tillman's Roadhouse three years ago, owner Sara Tillman's business partners suggested building a private party room.

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The alarm blared, but the crook escaped. Richard Kopecky has been an active member of the Masons for more than 20 years. The idea of giving back to his community

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Christmas in the mid-1950s was a magical time full of beauty, wonder and suspense, and like most American children, I enjoyed the traditions of the season. One, however, stands out

Thinking back on my holidays, I wonder if that’s a good or necessary goal. My only vivid memory of Thanksgiving, for example, involves what seemed like a 50-person gathering every

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The Sunset High School Alumni Association awarded $7,020 in grants to the school in October. Group Counseling received grants totaling $1,470 for items such as DART bus passes and ACT/SAT

Neighborhood resident Connie Boyd is the new executive director for Family Gateway Inc., a nonprofit that provides transitional housing and other help to homeless families. Boyd succeeds Kelly Harris, a

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