Had a rough weekend? Wish you had a little of Mom’s comfort food to help you get through the day? Pull up to El Jordan on any given Sunday morning, and you’re bound to see neighbors in search of the same thing. . . or at least nursing Saturday night hangovers over some of the best breakfast tacos this side of the border…and for $1.25 each, how could you go wrong? Nestled quietly among the trendy upscale shops and restaurants of Bishop Arts, El Jordan waits like a welcoming parent with arms open and a fresh pot of coffee.

Established in 1996 by husband and wife entrepreneurs Jose and Lorena Gonzales, the little restaurant has gained a well-deserved loyal following from area residents. They’ve served breakfast and lunch daily for 11 years, while only taking short summer and winter breaks to return home to Zacatecas and Guanajuato for family visits.

Of course they serve your standby Mexican favorites, alongside a mouth-watering homemade salsa and a smattering of American mainstays. CliffDwelling dads have been known to make El Jordan a regular stop for Saturday pancakes with the kids, and the chicken-fried steak ran a surprisingly close second to Norma’s in CliffDweller’s recent “Best of OC” poll. Kids love ordering the tall Mexican Cokes, and for a decadent alternative to a Starbuck’s iced mocha, try the rice, cocoa and cinnamon concoction known as Agua de Horchata.

When asked about their loyal patrons, Lorena and Jose show their emotional attachment to Oak Cliff: “The most important goal is to care about the customer,” they say, “and make them feel comfortable…It’s not beautiful or grand, but we want people to feel at home.” Lorena can often be seen playing with the babies of patrons and offering her empathetic ear to the day-to-day troubles of customers. In an age of stale Brinker-owned concept chains, the Gonzales family’s sincerity makes Oak Cliff feel even more like home. Hasta la proxima