It’s that time of year again, when the kids are loading up their backpacks and the bells are ringing in the first classes of the semester. If only we had some cool fall weather to go along with it, instead of the incessant rain or sweltering heat. But despite the crazy summer weather, we here at CliffDweller are all set to ring in the new school year.

Join us this month in planning ahead for educational success. First, we asked the experts how to start the year off right; our Study Tips section brings you the advice of several teachers on how to make this year the best yet. Next, we spotlight a special teacher from our very own Greiner Middle School, and find out what a hidden treasure we have right around the corner on Twelfth Street. And finally, Melody Townsel brings us a host of options for entertainment before and after the school day. Travel with her around the Cliff to find the best spots for the sandbox set.

And if you’re done with school (literally or figuratively), join the CliffDweller staff for a little educational experience all our own: the Margarita Tour. In another of our unique crawls across the neighborhood, our dedicated staff does its best to rate the town’s most refreshing salted beverages. Don’t worry, there were no drivers in the bunch. . .  So, sit back and enjoy your own cold drink while fighting off the end of the summer.

We raise our glass to all the Back-to-Schoolers out there. And thanks to all those dedicated educators as well — cheers to the students and the teachers!

See you round the Cliff.