60s rock group The Mamas and Papas sang “Dream a little dream.” One CliffDweller wants you to think bigger than that.

Kittie Beletic is living her dream and she wants to help you live yours. The premise of her new book “What Color Is Your Dream?” is that you’re never too old or too young to do what you really want to do. The book was written for adults, but booksellers labeled it a children’s book in large part due to its whimsical illustrations and easy prose. Nonetheless, readers enthusiastically endorse it for dreamers of all ages.

Beletic has been immersed in the arts most of her life. She started the Richardson Theater Group 27 years ago, writing the group’s plays herself because there was little money to buy anyone else’s. Her background is music and writing and the theater group venue offered the perfect opportunity to workshop her ideas. She parlayed that experience into creating the Shoebox Theater, where plays suitable for all ages can be purchased online, including detailed instructions on how to produce them.

Beletic believes everyone is creative, no matter their line of work. As she says, it takes creativity to be a lawyer and argue a case, and it takes a creative mind to be a doctor. “We all have that spark inside of us,” she states.

Sometimes dreams take a while to manifest, though. Beletic says she dreamed the book 10 years ago, and woke up to paint the images. “Life and family happened,” she explains, and the idea was shelved for a while. Just two years ago she became reinvigorated and started looking for a publisher; then the book became a reality.

Beletic didn’t stop there. Because of its old houses and multicultural mix, she admits that she “always wanted to live in Oak Cliff.” So, she purchased a home in Stevens Park Estates and “I haven’t lived here that long and already I know everybody,” marvels Beletic. Of her favorite Cliff locations, she raves about Make, Indigo, the marvelous Bishop Arts restaurants, and she calls Alchemy “the best salon ever.”

Like so many CliffDwellers, Beletic is an animal-lover and her studio in the Southside building downtown is home to Zenboy, a handsome tabby who’s as laid back as Beletic is energetic. Emma the dog prefers to stay at home and romp in the grass.

For Beletic, publishing “What Color Is Your Dream?” is only the beginning of her own dreams. David Powers is working on a DVD version of the book, scored by former CliffDweller Milo Deering. Beletic already has more books in the works, including a memoir and a Christmas book patterned after her Irish/French mother.

Also in development is the Dream Seekers Institute, a nonprofit with the goal of guiding people of all ages and backgrounds to follow their dreams. “You have to value your creativity,” asserts Beletic.

Kittiebgoods is a new business offering original art and prints, fabric arts, dolls and knitwear. Jordan says the company’s tag line is “Fine gifts from artisans celebrating life and creativity.” The company focuses on high quality and excellent customer service.

The What Color Is Your Dream exhibit opens November 17, with a book signing, at the Janette Kennedy gallery in the Southside building and will include nine artists in all mediums. The exhibit runs through November 28.

For more information, visit www.kittiebgoods.com.