I’m having a hard time believing the holidays are here again. Somehow, I seem to be stuck back in the summer somewhere, and I’ve even caught myself writing February on a recent check.

It’s been quite a year.

But here we are in November, and I’m ready to start celebrating (that is, when I remember what month it is). So I couldn’t be more pleased to think back over this past year and consider all of my blessings. Join me again this year to consider what we mommies are really thankful for.

I am thankful for hardwood floors. My best friend has worked on potty training her toddler this year, and I have never before loved the old pines stretched throughout my house as I have through this process. Accidents? No problem. All I need are a few dish towels and some 409, and I’m all set. What oh what do the poor mommies with carpets do? God bless my old home.

Come to think of it, I’m also thankful for the fact that my best friend is potty training her daughter, who’s just a little older than my little one. As my friend has worked and worked with her daughter to get those potty habits down pat, I have watched and learned. First, I learned that the beginning can be pretty rough; it requires patience and persistence (and a lot of clean panties!). Next, I learned that the middle phase has some of its own challenges; two-year-olds lose their focus surprisingly quickly, leading to a little regression (and thus more clean panties!). And finally, I have learned that the end.. . well, there really seems to be no end, as far as I can see. Although I am quickly amassing a drawerful of clean panties for my own daughter, I think I’ve reconsidered. I just don’t think I’m interested in potty training, and I have my best friend to thank for that. Nope, I think I’ll just skip the whole potty thing… (how’s that for a new year’s resolution?).
I am thankful for bossy friends and family who refuse to respect my boundaries. I know, I know, don’t we all want healthy relationships where those close to us let us live our own lives? It turns out, not so much. This year has been one where I have been saved, on more than one occasion, by people close to me just barging their way into my life. From out-of-town visitors, to friends staging impromptu playdates and sleepovers, my loved ones have gone above and beyond this year. I couldn’t be more thankful for such unrelenting love in my life.

And, finally, I am thankful for the blessings of my two-year-old. Sure, my little girl is quickly turning into her own little boss and, with her latest orchestrations of my own behaviors, my boss as well. Although the little squirt can spend endless minutes getting me to put her toast exactly where she wants it on the only plate she will use next to her favorite cup and her napkins (yes, two napkins — one on each knee), she really is rather harmless in terms of toddlers. She loves to color, for example, but hasn’t yet figured out that she could color the walls blue. She picks my potted flowers on occasion, but she hasn’t yet put any large bugs in her mouth (I have nightmares about cicadas and worms!).

My little girl still strikes me as highly entertaining, which is something I cannot be more thankful for. In fact, she has, this year, turned into the child I’ve always dreamed of. . . one who sings. She fills my days with funny little songs, based on whatever we’ve been listening to lately, but with her own little twists.  And now she’s able to sing our special little song to me. She comes over, holds my face and sings, “Know that wherever you are, it is never too far; if you think of me, I’ll be with you.” What a Thanksgiving.