I think the most important thing when a burglar wants to burglarize a house at nighttime is the lighting condition — is it good or is it bad? I think one of the things that helps tremendously is a sensor light that comes on when anyone walks up. I’ve said at community meetings, ‘Y’all light your house up as though it was a football field,’ because again, that burglar is just looking for something easy, and once those lights come on, they want to get out of there. What happens with streetlights is that sometimes people say, ‘That light is too bright, and I can’t sleep at night.’ But if you have a street that is lit up at night, it lights up the front yard and it lights up the street, so a burglar can’t drive up and down that street without being seen. Sometimes overgrown older trees, the limbs just about block the light out. We as a city, we certainly can’t mandate if they trim their trees, but that would help, if citizens would be mindful and conscientious that we need the lights.