At a recent meeting of the 12-member committee of neighbors appointed by City Councilmen Dave Neumann and Elba Garcia to study future land uses along Bishop and Davis, the committee decided it should elect a chairman and vice chairman, on top of having leader Larry Good of Good, Fulton & Farrell (which is being paid to conduct the study) and facilitator Bob Stimson, president of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce.

The committee chose Kings Highway resident Rick Garza as chairman, and when I spoke with Garza recently, he told me that the committee is in the process of scheduling "intimate meetings" about the land use study with the various neighborhoods and organizations affected by the possible zoning changes — Winnetka Heights, L.O. Daniel, Kings Highway, Kidd Springs, Bishop Arts, and the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League.
Following all of these meetings, another meeting open to all interested Oak Cliff residents will be held in late January; make sure to read January’s Advocate CliffDweller for details.

Garza says that the neighbors on the land use committee were "carefully selected" by Garcia and Neumann because each one is "entrenched" in his or her respective neighborhood, and they could go back and filter the information to their fellow neighbors. The information that will be presented at the intimate meetings and at the public meeting will be "more detailed and hopefully address concerns and comments that have been thrown out, and adjusted from those," Garza says.