Thanks to neighborhood blogger Norman Alston, we know a little more about the fate of structures the city has slated for demolition, as discussed in a post last week, and whether the Landmark Commission will have a say in the process. It looked like this had the makings for a struggle between the city attorney’s office and historic preservation groups, like Preservation Dallas. But it turns out, according to Norman:

"The city attorney’s office and the Landmark Commission have had meetings and have negotiated a new procedure that streamlines the process some and keeps the Landmark Commission involved. Both sides are reportedly very happy."
One of the properties on which this decision focused was 104 S. Edgefield, which the Winnetka Heights/Lake Cliff Task Force had slated for demolition (going back on a vote earlier this year to not demolish it). The property caught on fire in 2005, and both this property and another in the 100 block went up in flames again during the week of Thanksgiving. (These fires are not believed to be related to the 15 recent fires in Winnetka Heights set by four juveniles arrested last week.)

Neighbor Christopher Roberts, who lives four houses down from the fire, snapped this photo and a few others, that can be found on his Picasa website. Here’s what Christopher had to say about it:
"The fire consisted of two home on the corner of Edgefield and Jefferson. There was a 3-alarm fire involving 2 vacant two-story houses at 100 S. Edgefield. Although this is an arson fire in the same general area as the others, we do not believe the fires are related. The suspects in this case are adults, not juveniles. Initial reports from witnesses were that two adults were seen speeding from the scene in a truck. This is one of the houses that was already slated for demolition."