2009 $10 Wine Hall of Fame

The full list is in the January magazine, and it’s full of good news. This was one of the best years for cheap wine since I started the Hall almost 10 years ago. (There is an expanded version on my wine blog, with links to the last couple of previous Halls.) Comments are most welcome. Briefly:

• No wine dropped out because it dropped in quality,  the first time in three years that has happened.

• I added five wines, including the Yellow+Blue malbec; Meridian’s chardonnay; the Les Jamelles wines from southern France; Domaine du Tariquet from Gascony; and Lockwood sauvignon blanc.

• If I wasn’t such a curmudgeon, I could have added 10 or 12 wines, including a $5 bottle, Rene Barbier Catalunya. The quality in 2008 was that good.

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