What is the Oak Cliff Gateway? It’s essentially the way our neighborhood and the Trinity River Corridor Project will interface, with one leading to the other.

The gateway involves a large portion of land in Oak Cliff, and you can view the plans on this slideshow or by downloading this PDF. So far, however, the only land use proposal on the part of city planners deals with land between Beckley and the Trinity levees, and between I-30 and Greenbriar.

The neighbors I spoke with who attended the series of four community meetings in September and October didn’t seem too impressed with what the city had come up with so far. (You can read about the feedback they gave the city on the slideshow.) One of their major complaints was a plan to widen Greenbriar and make it a larger thoroughfare through that section. (Widening roads seems to be a common theme in the city’s plans for how Oak Cliff will will be involved in the Trinity River Corridor Project.)
When I spoke to David Whitley at the city, who is heading up the Oak Cliff Gateway project, he simply said that neighbors asked the city to "look at the area as a whole," instead of just one section of the project. That’s a common theme, too, apparently — neighbors asking the city to look at the big picture and think about how plans will impact the entire area as well as how changes will extend into the future.

The next community-wide meeting on the Oak Cliff Gateway project is tomorrow night, 6:30 p.m. at Hitt Auditorium. Whitley and his team will be presenting their response to the feedback neighbors gave last fall.