One is a burglary of a motor vehicle, which means somebody breaks into your car because they see, or they think they see, something is in there that they want. One thing all citizens can do is park your car in your driveway [instead of the street] — that helps. It’s a crime of opportunity, and he may be riding a bicycle, may be driving a car, or may be on foot, and if he goes by and sees something he thinks he wants, he just busts a window out, reaches in, grabs, and runs. Also, please do not leave articles inside your car. Don’t leave something there where they can see it. Last but this certainly not least — this is an easy one — lock the car. And leave the windows rolled up. At night flood lamps and things of that nature that can illuminate your car, and that certainly helps. That individual is looking to steal under the cover of darkness, and if you don’t give him that darkness, nine times out of 10 he’ll go somewhere else.