A roundup of stuff that wouldn’t necessarily make it on the blog, but is worth noting:

• Charles Manson, whose gruesome 1969 seven-victim murder spree is one of the most infamous crimes in U.S. history, is 74 and still in prison — and still looks as scary as can be. California prison authorities recently released a current photo of Manson, and his eyes haven’t lost that look. And then there is the swastika on his forehead. I wonder: How many people, seeing this headline, will have no idea who Manson is?

• Ronald Johnson, the CEO who ran the Minyard’s grocery store chain after Dallas’ Minyard family sold it to private investors in 2004, owes the current owners $2.3 million. That’s after he lost a lawsuit in which the jury found that Johnson committed fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. The story is messy and sad, a footnote to what used to be a cherished local institution.

• A new iTunes-like website called LifeWayworship.com is offering church music ministers the ability to buy recordings of worship songs and hymns and create and download sheet music for church bands and choirs. Apparently, church music is still mostly in the 20th century, with few digital recordings or arrangements. Says a minister quoted by USA Today: “We’ve needed to do this for a long time."