Combine an Oak Cliff resident and a Lakewood investor, and what do you have: A plan to re-open Swirll winery downtown after acquiring the business assets following the store’s closure last year.

Stephanie Speir is the general manager of Swirll, and Lakewood resident K.C. Kronbach is the investor. Swirll will reopen around March 30 as Swirl Winery & Wine Bar. If you’ve spent any time in Lakewood recently, this might sound vaguely familiar.

"If you take Times Ten (Cellars) and turn it into a make-your-own-wine place, that’s what we’re looking at," says Kronbach, adding that the 5,000-square-foot downtown space will feature a more modern look than its original incarnation, a wine bar just inside the door and the opportunity for private-label wine branding, if you’re into that. In addition to serving its own wine creations, Kronbach says Swirll will serve all kinds of "mom and pop" wines from throughout Texas.

You can find Swirll at 1311 Main Street (just across from Ten Sports Grill, which has some of the best burgers and homemade chips in town). And you can check out Swirll’s old website here; it gives you an idea of what the place looks like from the street if you head that way.