KERA’s new music station

If 106.1 is your favorite radio station, this is probably not for you — my 11-year-old daughter loves their insanity inducing repetition of pop songs, but if you don’t, good news!

KERA has acquired a new station, 91.7 FM, where they will start broadcasting an all-music format in fall of 2009.

“It will be a terrific complement to KERA’s news and information station 90.1 FM and a substantial addition to KERA’s overall multimedia services for the public,” says Mary Anne Alhadeff, KERA President and CEO, according to a news release that just arrived and made all of us in my neck of the Advocate offices say, “yey!”

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The as-yet unnamed new station “will program within the public radio ‘Triple A’ (Adult Album Alternative) music format with diverse, adult-oriented playlists covering a broad spectrum of music such as folk, acoustic, world music, alternative and indie rock and country.” I am so stoked. 

See more details about 91.7 FM here.

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