A story in the July issue of the Oak Cliff Advocate spotlights a few cool classes for adults this summer. We’ve got sewing, cooking, dancing and basket weaving, in case you want a throwback to summer camp. But there is some cool stuff we didn’t highlight in the magazine.

La Reunion Fencing Academy offers two classes a week at the Kidd Springs Park Recreation Center and at the Duncanville Recreation Center. They have beginner and advanced classes for adults and kids. The fees are $30 a month for one classe a week or $50 for two classes a week. That’s not a bad price for an unusual class, but if you really get into it, you’ll have to buy the equipment.

La Reunion TX (no relation to the fencing club) occasionally offers discussions, seminars and workshops on topics such as art, photography and writing. They aren’t planning anything this summer, but we’ll check with them in the fall.

Also, some of the classes we highlighted take place at the Ice House Cultural Center, which unfortunately, is closed until August.