The city budget and Southwest Center Mall

Wamre has written extensively about city plans to rescue the failing Southwest Center mall, and with the proper degree of skepticism — especially given our never-ending budget crisis.

The good news is that when he gets back from vacation next week he’ll learn that the city has probably decided to get out of the mall business. More important, I think, is that city plan commissioner Michael Davis, who had been open to spending city money to save the mall, has changed his mind.

“The city budget has major issues, and I don’t think buying time on a dead space is a good use of scarce funds,” he wrote on his blog yesterday.

Now if we can only figure out a solution to the library problem.

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  • The Redbird Mall had it’s hayday back when, now were in different economic times. Sell it and maybe put a cummunity center for Sr.s ,or rehab clinics ,or something?

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