Restaurant talk: What is your favorite Oak Cliff dish?

The sausage pizza at Oak Cliff Pizza ranks No. 41 on the Observer’s ongoing list of the 100 best dishes in Dallas.

Other Oak Cliff dishes on the list are the paella at La Calle Doce, which is No. 68. The meatloaf blueplate special at Norma’s Cafe is No. 56. Enchiladas suizas from Veracruz Cafe is No. 50. Proscuitto-wrapped figs at Hattie’s are No. 48. And the truffle butter popcorn at Tillman’s is No. 47.

I’ve mentioned my favorite hummus before. And I’m a big fan of the tacos al pastor at El Tizoncito. What Oak Cliff dish would you add to the list?

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  • The goat cheese tater tots that come with the burger at Tillman’s are amazing! Also, the gorditas at El Tacaso on Westmoreland. El Tacaso is criminally under appreciated when it comes to taco mentions in the OC.

  • Caldo de Res at Tejano Restaurant. Available only on the weekends. Come early – don’t expect to be able to order this tasty soup at dinner time. It will be long gone.

  • @Kevin – Are you sure? Most lists that claims to list the best of something are in a particular order for a reason. Kelly Hightower is easily the best chef in OC. We loved Kavala but haven’t tried Nova yet.

  • @OCBlues. The list is in no particular order. It’s just 100 dishes the Observer loves.

    My favorites include;
    -lengua tacos at El Sí Hay
    -Kelly Hightowers hummus
    -hanger steak pastrami sandwich at Tillmans

  • How in the world does OCPizza’a soggy sausage pie rank 25 spots above La Calle Doce’s near perfect paella?!?!?! Sorry, that list just lost ALL credibility with me. In fact, we started ordering Pizza Hut (gasp!) because of the repeated disappointments from OCPizza.

    My favorite Oak Cliff dish has got to be the dolmas at the Greek Bakery.

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